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The Waldhaus

The Waldhaus, or “house in the woods”, was an old cabin at the edge of a village in northern Germany. I moved there in January 2018, to work in the village’s dairy farm and save some money between travels. I painted my first mural in the Waldhaus.

I needed a space to live, and the villagers offered to let me stay in this cabin, which was about to be demolished.

The Waldhaus was my ideal place at that time. I was dreaming of a small and quiet place, like the wilderness cabins I saw in Alaska and Canada, with fire stove and surrounded by nature, but not quite so isolated. And in fact, the Waldhaus was surrounded by a lively community, which was providing many visitors coming for some peace, a tea or a chat. I’ve had a few small groups coming for creative workshops such as laughter yoga, vision boards, book binding, and others. In my imagination, it was my retreat and my community centre at the same time, it was giving me peace and purpose, and I was deeply grateful for living in that house.

Since the Waldhaus was going to be demolished I though of painting something on the wall in front of the entrance. I wanted the subject to have a deep meaning and after some research I’ve chosen the hindu goddess Shailaputri.

Shaila-putri means daughter of the mountains, as her father was the King of Mountains “Parvat Raj Himalaya”. She holds a trident that represents past, present and future, and her hand is making the Abhaya-mudrā, “gesture of fearlessness”, for protection, peace, benevolence and the dispelling of fear.

Shailaputri rides the white bull Nandi in a symbolic journey from the first Chakra upwards. I took this info as a connection to my travels.

I unfortunately haven’t completed the painting. As I was becoming vegan, I couldn’t continue working in a dairy farm so I left. The Waldhaus got demolished and the trees cut, to make space for new houses.

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