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T-shirt Design for Lotus Heart

I recently got in touch with Lynn, the founder of the Lotus Heart Sanctuary on the Isle of Skye, to see if she was interested in a collaboration.

The Lotus Heart is many wonderful things. It’s a place to learn about mindfulness, meditation, holistic healing and plant based nutrition; it offers cozy accommodations for visitors who want to enjoy the beautiful Isle of Skye, and it is also an animal sanctuary.
The Lotus Heart, in fact, is rescuing non-human animals from the horror of the meat and dairy industry. Coming from a dairy farm experience that made me go vegan, I am deeply thankful to those who commit their time in rescuing these innocent animals, many of whom are still babies when they are sent to a slaughterhouse.

The sanctuary relies on donors, visitors and buyers of the Lotus Heart merchandise. My contribution is this new t-shirt design, and like all the Lotus Heart merch, 100% of the profits will go to the animal sanctuary.

Buy the t-shirt, support the Sanctuary 💚

By buying this t-shirt you will help immensely!
Only two options are available for now: a long-sleeves shirt for men/unisex, and a fitted shirt (you can choose size and colour). If you’d like a different option, for example a unisex t-shirt, please contact Lynn, she might make it available if people request it. Please note that there are other ways to support the Sanctuary, for example booking a holiday at the Lotus Heart camping pods.

First proposal

The original idea represented a horned animal, but Lynn requested to remove the horns as all the cows at the sanctuary are all from breeds that have no horns, like the classic Holstein dairy cows (the black and white ones).

The final design

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