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Online shop launch 🚀

I’m so happy to announce that I’m now able to sell my art online on this platform! I’m using a plugin that is supposed to accept payments from anywhere in the world, although I still have to build experience about shipping to different continents. At the moment I’m in Scotland so I’ll ship from here.

This is a one person mini-business, so bear with me while I figure out everything I need about shipments and fees. To make it simple, for now I’m selling only two items: my Chakra mini art prints (there’s really just a few left), and a new drawing, titled “Mindscape #0”, that has been digitalized for this occasion. See the pictures below.

I’m very excited about this launch, as it means I mean business with my art 😁 which is something I’ve been resisting on and off with very stubborn self consciousness.

Thank you in advance to anybody who will adopt a piece of my work.

To go to the shop click here or use the menu above 🔝


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