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Mixed media painting: time lapse and tutorial

Paintings are a weird one: they are objects but they behave as if they were alive.
They sort of create themselves by using the artist as a mean, and sometimes they are a disappointment but other times they are a positive surprise.
In this case I am so happy with the results that I want to share this technique with anyone who might be interested.

I made these chakra ink drawings last year, but you can also use an illustration that someone else made. If you do so, remember to always credit the author if you share the result, and don’t use commercially works that aren’t copyright free – unless you bought the permission to use them.

List of materials:

  • -canvas, obviously. I found this one in the charity shop where I work.
  • -acrylic paint: so that you can wet the canvas and nothing happens (as oppose to gouache, which reactivates if you put water on it).
  • -A4 sheets of paper and inkjet printer. If you don’t have the printer, don’t buy a new one, as there are many around that aren’t used. To get mine, I simply asked on facebook and someone donated to me their old printer. Which still works perfectly, it’s only slow! Check in your local community and you’ll most likely find a printer.
  • -MOD PODGE. This thing is like PVA but better. It’s an invention from the 60, the lady who created it used it to decoupage a car!
  • -Pen. To go through all the outline again! I used a muji pen 0,38. Muji also sells refills and they have many different colours.
  • -Watercolour pencils.
  • NOTE: this technique works on wood too, and the illustration you’re printing can also be already coloured. I recommend adding more colours anyway, unless you like a “cloudy” look. I hope you’ll enjoy this process if you’ll decide to try it! Let me know how it goes.

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