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Indian Murals / 2020 murals

For 2020 the plan was to travel India for about 7 months with my partner, while painting murals in exchange of accommodation, or for free. We landed in Kochi, Kerala, the 5th of January and started painting shortly after. We finished 3 murals and a wall decoration in three different Indian states, before the Covid outbreak forced us to go home in March.

Kerala – Lotus and Tiger

The first commission was for a resort in Vayanad, Kerala. The owner gave us two different walls to paint. Since it was a touristic place, we decided to illustrate typical specimens of the local flora and fauna: a tiger and lotus flowers.

Indian Murals / 2020 murals

Karnateka – Gokarna

Gokarna is a lovely small town on the coast. Tourists stay in some small huts by the beach, where cows walk up and down all the day. The owner of our small hut was happy for us to paint some decorations on it.

Goa – Anjuna

The last commission was for a hostel in Anjuna, over a trafficked street. Me and the manager chose together one of my sketches and we finished the painting in a couple of weeks.

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