If you need assistance with your dreadlocks, or you’d like me to help you creating them, feel free to contact me on Instagram or on the dedicated page of this website.

List of services I can offer:

  • Creation or removal of your dreads.
  • Maintenance: if you need help with the roots, or/and you need to fix your dreadlocks, I can help you.
  • Detox with massage – I’ll soak your dreads and massage them, to remove all the product residue and dust.
  • Creation and application of dreadlocks extensions made of synthetic hair.
  • Reparation of your synthetic dreadlocks.
  • Free consultation. Are dreadlocks the right choice for you? What do you need to know before getting them? Contact me for a 30 min maximum free consultation.

I’m very passionate about dreadlocks and I’ve been creating video content and articles about this wonderful hairstyle/lifestyle. Most videos I make are in Italian but you can find my articles in English on www.dreadlab.co.uk and in German on www.dreadlab.de, by clicking on the last menu entry on those websites.

I have also created a website in Italian about dreadlocks, with instructions on how to create them and how to take good care of them. I like to mention also the spiritual benefits of dreadlocks, as they are very important to me. www.dreadhead.it

One of my last videos on the Italian channel
One of the last videos on my English channel
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