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Climate Art Trail in Stirling

This year (2021) my work has been part of an art exhibition called “Climate Art Trail”, here in Stirling. I presented one of my last pieces, a tea shelf that I fixed and painted. I regret not taking a “before” picture, because this piece looked very different when I found it!

The Climate Art Trail is an art exhibition in the context of the Stirling Climate Festival. From the Festival’s website:

The Stirling Climate Art trail is an art exhibition split across multiple Stirling Venues using art as a provocative medium to promote climate action featuring work by Scottish artists with a particular focus on Stirling.
It is being organised by Stirling Climate Festival in collaboration with: Scene stirling, Artlink Central, Made in Stirling, University of Stirling Art Collection (Pathfoot gallery), Macrobert Arts Centre.”

I’m not Scottish, but the call was open to different nationals. The tea shelf was showcased at Made in Stirling, a local art organization. It was lovely to see my art surrounded by the work of so many inspiring artists, who are using different media to raise awareness on different important topics, such as plastic pollution in the oceans, higher risk of wildfires due to raising temperatures, and more…

For more info visit the Climate Art Trail’s website.

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