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2022 Lunar Calendar

This Lunar Calendar is not only a homage to the moon but also a tool that I’d like to share. In this article you will read everything about this Lunar Calendar, and how you can use it with a simple ritual-routine.

NOTE: check here if this calendar is still available for sale.

The calendar shows 4 parts of each moon cycle for 2022, plus the equinoxes and the solstices (seasonal marks on the outer ring). January and December 2022 are slightly overlapping because the circle is divided according to the moon cycles rather than the calendar months.

Moon phases and rituals

As must-be-productive members of society we rarely take the time to just exist, without a specific human-designed purpose. We are always busy trying to achieve something or to rush somewhere, and we rarely just stop in contemplation, to remember we don’t have to prove our value, we can just be beautiful and strange like the rest of nature. And follow cycles like the rest of nature.

Since a few years I like to have new moon and full moon rituals, which are nothing but short meditation sessions accompanied by a little recap of life so far, a gratitude exercise, and a visualization exercise. It’s a very simple but very effective practice.
I use the moon phases to remember how my day to day struggles have little importance in the grandiosity of existence. I find that some moon magic brings back some simple enjoyment to my commercials-invaded human life. And after I remembering this, I can go back to my human day to day existence (because, of course, I am involved with it) and I can set my intentions in a more beneficial way, less egoistic I’d say, and therefore more fulfilling.

The moon has some sort of mystical or magical allure, even if humanity knows the moon better than the depths of the oceans… The overall feeling when we look at the moon is of awe and mysterious beauty. You surely have experienced that weird feeling of being used to the beauty around you to the point that you don’t notice it anymore…

Brief guidance to moon rituals

The first thing you need to know in case you’re new to rituals is that they don’t need to be strict, actually I find it more beneficial if they follow some sort of organic-intuitive behaviour. At the end of the day no ritual is identical anyway: the settings change, the weather, the emotional state in or around you, the tools, the timings, etc etc. But I’ll give you some rough ritual structure which is what I use as a base to build my rituals.

Start your ritual with a few introductory steps:

  • Set the space: for example clean, sweep the floor, grab a pillow/mat to sit on, grab a blanket if it’s cold, adjust the light…
  • Focus on peaceful sensory experience: put on relaxing music, burn incense, palo santo or sage, and set a few inspiring things to look and to touch. Some ideas are crystals or rocks, nature findings, pictures, drawings, oracle cards if you’re into that, etc.
  • Get pen and paper. This is so important! Writing down is like condensing thoughts and it makes them more real. Write anything you want during the ritual, whether if it’s intentions, insights, or just brain dumping to make mental space. You could have a journal only for the moon phases, so it’s easier to navigate for future reference.
  • Turn off your phone and try to make sure people won’t disturb you (but even if they do, try to not get stressed)
  • Notice your posture: sit on the pillow (or a chair) and imagine your spine being pulled up by a balloon attached to the top of your head, elongate your spine upwards, while another string is pulling your second chakra (below the belly button) forwards in front of you. Your back should now be straight. Imagine your shoulders melting down and relaxing.
  • Have a little meditation session. Try to not grasp the positive-feeling thoughts, and to not reject the negative-feeling thoughts. Sit with them until they go, observe them as if they were random guests that are coming and going in a hotel reception. When meditating I like to have my hands in prayer position, or resting on my legs or on my lap. You could also have them on your heart, or one on the heart and one on the belly.
  • Connect to the moon’s energy. This step changes with the phase you’re in. You can read some basic indication for each phase here below.


For this phase it would be ideal to go through the phase before, but you need a starting point and the new moon is ideal for that.

Look at this phase like a blank canvas.
It’s the ideal time to plant seeds, which means to have a little visualization exercise and set intentions: where are you at, and what do you see yourself doing in the next future? Focus on the different sections of your life: emotional/spiritual state, outer environment, career, wealth (financial and other), community (friends and family), playtime/hobbies, physical health, love and intimacy, and whatever else you want.
Write all your thoughts down and observe how you react to them!

Remember you don’t need to take action yet, just focus on your intentions and write them down. In this time it’s ok to rest to gather your energy, and to be introspective.

WAXING MOON (increasing energy)

You don’t need to have one single ritual for this phase, because the new moon ritual should have long lasting effects that will keep you focused on your intentions (the “seeds” you planted). You could have a small ritual for the entire two weeks that go from new moon to full moon, for example journaling, meditating, or whatever uplifts you. In this time you could feel your energy increasing! But if it’s not the case, remember you cannot rush the seeds to grow. For example, healing from something is often painfully slow – but keep going back to your heart space.

The waxing moon has giving energy, and you could mirror this in your life.


This is the time when the moon’s energy is at its peak. You can see it as a time to recap the two past weeks, and to express gratitude for whatever you can be grateful for. The feeling of gratitude is key. It’s very similar to the feeling of love and of perceiving beauty, and it’s deeply nourishing, it can bring out the best of us.
This is a good time to connect with friends and to celebrate in some way. Have some good food, treat yourself with some forest bathing or whatever makes you feel wholesome. For the ritual you can write down your thoughts, make a little gratitude list if you want, and to read (if I want) what you wrote two weeks ago in new moon times.

WANING MOON (decreasing energy)

This is the best time to clean, cleanse and get rid of habits and stuff that no longer serves you. For me, for example, the main ritual for this time is to just clean my living/working space.
This phase is of preparation for the next new moon, when you’ll be planting seeds again – so make sure they will feel welcome.

The waning moon has receiving energy, and you could mirror this in your life.

Last but not least: remember to close the ritual

This step is very simple but it’s easy to forget. To close the ritual just express the “closing” intention in your head or on paper, put away all the tools you grabbed to start (pillow, blanket, pictures, etc) and try to imagine the concentrated energy of the ritual being released all around. Trust that the ritual was effective. I sometimes wash my hands after a ritual, because it helps my brain move on with whatever I need to do after.

Extra info

There is an extra information I’d like to add: the moon cycles can be grouped in 6. So for example the first group in 2022 will start the 2nd of January and end the 14th of June. You could use this as a tool to monitor your life’s development and changes, which is always quite mind-blowing to me. Sometimes we don’t feel like moving at all until we look back… It doesn’t need to be a competitive thing (achievements-dependent) but rather like reading a story.

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